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About TravLanka App

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka? Why not plan a perfect trip with all the information in just one go. TravLanka is a simple to use app to help you find the places you would want to visit in Sri Lanka. The app has over 30 cities, 300 accommodation options, and hundreds of attractions and places to dine in Sri Lanka.

From planning your trip to simply booking your hotel stay, what you need to know about Sri Lanka is just a tap away. Discover the best deals from our selected partners including the best in wildlife encounters, romantic getaways, luxury stays and many more.


Key Features

Key features of the TravLanka


Information about Sri Lanka and its key attractions, events and more

Dynamic Location Based Map

Dynamic location based map that displays information based on your selected location


Best in class accommodation options with special offers and competitive prices

Popular Places

Popular places to dine from local cafes to fine dining experiences


Itinerary Planner

Itinerary planner with request for quote feature.

Private Transport

Private transport request

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